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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
online meaning in tamil is இணையதளத்துடன் இணைந்துள்ள நிலை connected to the Internet)

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We have built up an unparalleled reputation and goodwill based on high quality financial service including online banking services. A secure online voting system approved by the Election Commission can help more people exercise their franchise and take the voting percentage higher benefiting democratic institutions suggested young IT professional Ashish Anand. One big advantage of online voting could be that it can be linked to a fingerprint scanning system for remote voters to prove their identity and prevent proxy voting. For Farah of the Computer Science Department of the same college priority for the New Year is cutting down time on online chats and blogging and makes her time more productive. The Web site which went into trial operation on October 1 2005 aims at providing a platform for the departments under the State Council and the provincial autonomous regional and municipal governments across the country to release information on government affairs and provide online services. Vishnuvardhan now working on Pattiyil with Arya in the lead spent about an hour online talking to scores of fans from Coffee connecting almost instantly with tongueincheek humour and friendly digs. The concerns were voiced as part of an exercise by the web magazine Edge which asked more than 100 scientists and philosophers What is your dangerous idea The responses were published online on Sunday. A resolution to this effect was adopted at a meeting on Monday when a highlevel committee met and discussed the issue of granting film clipping rights to the channels and awarding overseas and online rights.