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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
onion meaning in tamil is வெங்காயம்

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The top five vegetable crops in Punjab includes potato root crops tomato cucurbits and onion with potatoes constituting over 60 per cent of the total vegetable production Mr. The hot included maize Bengal gram black gram meat eggs and dryfruits while rice wheat green gram curd lassi radish cucumber and onion were cold. Fixing agent Chinnamuthu explains the waste onion peels for example are first boiled. Market fluctuations continue to be very adverse to small growers of vegetables like tomato onion and potato and other perishable commodities. 190 per kg would be distributed to the farmers of Paavoorchathram Surandai and Alangulam which besides giving highyield to growers would provide an edge over others in the onion markets within the country and abroad asserts the Senior Technical Officer NHRDF Dindigul Parameswaran. As farmers of this region use ordinary onion variety for cultivation they can get a moderate yield of six to eight tonnes an acre while the new type of onion promises a harvest of 15 to 16 tonnes an acre. Apart from giving seeds of new onion variety to the farmers the NHRDF has proposed to give away inputs worth Rs. In Medak damage was listed as paddy 995.38 acres sugarcane 806.37 maize 111.38 wheat 130.06 vegetables 97.0 sesamum 55.38 sunflower 174.21 groundnut 21.27 castor 2.32 onion 0.1111 and other crops 40.34. Earlier addressing a public meeting at the FourRoads junction at Mydukur he demanded setting up of an agrizone at Mydukur for Krishnapuram variety of onion and revival of a cattle feed centre and cold storage facilities at Mydukur.