occurrence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
occurrence meaning in tamil is நிகழ்ச்சி, சம்பவம்

occurrence meaning in tamil with example

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Assuming that the occurrence of such abominable clashes on and off the field is a reflection of the afflictions of our society there is still an element of purity left in sport. Any attempt to argue the incident as an offfield occurrence and therefore a law and order problem is absurd. With its occurrence considered the only find in the country a detailed study was undertaken by GSI in Harur taluk. According to official sources the Molybdenum reserves were approximately calculated at 5 million tonnes to 6 million tonnes at a depth of 320 metres and 113.5 metres lateral with a percentage of 0.07 to 0.072 occurrence in these villages. Senior officials in Chennai have sought a report on another occurrence in which two policemen slapped a pappad wala at the Government exhibition for refusing to give them pappads free of cost. Efforts should be taken to disburse benefits to the family of deceased farmers on the following day of the occurrence of death. Electrification of the entire country and refrigeration brought down the occurrence of this deadly disease he says. If the control room was informed by the people about occurrence of any crime or other emergencies the vehicle with the police party would rush to the place and help them. It is unfortunate that the police have been facing pressure from different quarters for the arrest of an accused in the next few hours of the occurrence of the crime itself whatever its cost be. The National Disaster Management Authority NDMA would set up the Hyderabad District Disaster Management Authority shortly to check the occurrence of major disasters like the inferno that gutted a commercial complex in Koti on Sunday.