occupy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
occupy meaning in tamil is நிரப்புதல், தங்குதல்

occupy meaning in tamil with example

occupy tamil meaning and more example for occupy will be given in tamil.
The Panchayatraj Act lays down that a simple majority is required for any party in the House to occupy the key posts of President and VicePresident. It will have to support the Congress to enable that partys candidate to occupy the Presidents post. Otherwise it will have to ask its members to abstain from voting at the time of the election of the President paving the way for the Congress to occupy the post. Bangarappa who claims to be a champion of the Dalits agrees to such an arrangement which will deny an opportunity for a Dalit candidate of other party to occupy the coveted Presidents post. Reddy who would be the first South Indian to occupy Director General post the highest rank in museology took several initiatives including reorganisation of galleries in the Salar Jung Museum during his eightyear tenure. The issue of fair allocation of spectrum has engaged the attention of governments since 1998 when mobile services were yet to occupy prime space in the telecom sector and therefore consumption of airwaves was yet to reach the level it has done now. Despite Government efforts four minority groups women visible minorities aboriginals and disabled do not occupy enough jobs to justify their numbers. Kumaraswamy equally desperate to occupy the Chief Ministers post democracy has once again become a kissa kursi ka. Radhakrishnan said he had instructed the NGOs to complete the construction by Aprilend so that the affected now staying in temporary shelters could occupy the houses as early as possible.