occupied meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
occupied meaning in tamil is வைத்திரு, வேலைக்கு அமர்த்து, வேலை செய், பார்

occupied meaning in tamil with example

occupied tamil meaning and more example for occupied will be given in tamil.
Northern Areas was part of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir but after partition was made part of Pakistan unlike Pak occupied Kashmir PoK. Baswa Reddy who was asked to wait by district Collector Benhur Ekkar till he received official communication from the Government for his reinstatement occupied the chamber on Monday. The visiting Hurriyat delegation on Tuesday travelled to Muzaffarabad capital city of Pakistan occupied Kashmir PoK flattened in the aftermath of the October 8 earthquake and exchanged views on relief and rehabilitation of the quake victims. Indeed even his closest advisers appear not to have known what he ultimately intended to do in terms of further postGaza Israeli withdrawals from occupied Palestinian territory or the final status of Jerusalem. In an emotional speech before the Knesset on October 27 2004 for example he argued that Israel must begin the voluntary evacuation of some occupied Palestinian land namely Gaza not out of altruism but in order to retain areas deemed vital to its security. Long an advocate of Islamicising the Palestinian struggle nothing could better serve its ambition than the effect that U.S. failure in Iraq will have on Hamas which is now close to supplanting the secularnationalist Fatah as the dominant political force in the occupied territories. Local police are not able to take up escort assignments since they are occupied with other activities including law and order and special duties at Marad. The devotees have already occupied the byways subways wayside footpaths and corridors of buildings since Thursday.