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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obstruction meaning in tamil is தடை, இடையூறு, இடைஞ்சல்

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Only those khokas which are sources of obstruction to public movement will be removed while other units in interior areas will be left unharmed on humanitarian grounds. While cases of obstruction including wrong parking and overloading were put at 21151 and 9839 respectively as many as 6244 cases of dazzling headlights were booked last year. On our part we try to employ recovery vans without causing obstruction to the traffic flow D.S. Suneesh Babu Circle Inspector City TrafficWest. Obstruction Obstruction like big trees open well pillars and posts before an arrow like roads are to be avoided. It is not uncommon to see barriers even at 8 a.m. at the place virtually posing an obstruction to the smooth flow of vehicles on an artery choked with traffic. Jana Reddy said and added that if the traffic police enforced rules and fined people for offences and removed vendors causing obstruction on roads it was described as harassment. A majority of these patients will also have associated heart problems such as a hole in the heart or narrowed valves etc. Josef also had a hole in the heart obstruction of the aorta aortic interruption and a problem with his heart beat intermittent heart block. The Ernakulam District Private Bus Operators Association has protested against the obstruction of bus services and damage caused to some of them at Kumbalam on Monday. Cadres should not cause damage to public or private property and there would not be any obstruction or inconvenience to the public.