obstacles meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obstacles meaning in tamil is இடைஞ்சல்கள்

obstacles meaning in tamil with example

obstacles tamil meaning and more example for obstacles will be given in tamil.
It is certain that we will achieve success in rehabilitation measures as we have succeeded in fulfilling the relief measures. Let us face the natural obstacles and smash the manmade impediments she said. He was not trying to put up obstacles for development in Kodagu but only expressing concern towards the perils of such projects on nature and man. They should with the support of teachers and parents strive hard to overcome obstacles to achieve success. They should with support from teachers and parents strive hard to overcome the obstacles and failures to achieve success. The proposed 100MLD desalination project would also be built despite the obstacles to it the Governor said. Meyers founder Enjoying Everyday Life exhorted the gathering to combat the pressures obstacles and hindrances of life by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. A tahsildar said that real estate was a multibillionrupee business and the land sharks keep criminal gangs on their rolls to get all obstacles removed. There have been real gains 151 the opening of new travel routes and crossing points is a major achievement 151 but many obstacles remain. But there remain obstacles over the future of Hamass armed wing and its insistence that it will not recognise Israel which are major blocks to foreign cooperation and negotiations. Melkani said the UNDPs Global Environmental Facility had agreed to clear obstacles in implementing the project. 2 is right in saying the obstacles in the way of the wellintentioned airport modernisation project are unfortunate.