obstacle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obstacle meaning in tamil is தடைகள், தடங்கல்

obstacle meaning in tamil with example

obstacle tamil meaning and more example for obstacle will be given in tamil.
Inaugurating the twoday conference on Tribal policy for India organised by the Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action here on Friday he observed that poverty was a major obstacle in tribals attaining a decent standard of living and enjoying human rights. The organisers informed that a special event in this edition will be adventure sport to be conducted on a specially designed obstacle course inspired by Artillery Centre. Musharraf is also believed to have said his uniform is not an obstacle for democracy and he will decide the matter in 2007. Unable to digest his evergrowing popularity across the State and finding him an obstacle in their excesses Congress leaders allegedly got Ravindra killed immediately after coming to power she said. Kutty said that the computerisation would help the Corporation to speed up the administrative mechanism to take action against unauthorised buildings that were being an obstacle to the development of the city. Dantewada District Superintendent of Police Praveer Das said the driver spotted the obstacle on the track and stopped the train last night. Roadusers are experiencing trouble negotiating a sudden obstacle in the middle of a newlylaid road. The MP said that though the Centre would allocate funds for the upgradation of the highways to fourlane roads a major obstacle was the difficulty in acquiring land for widening the roads to 30 metres. In show jumping the horses will have to jump over obstacles and the participant with zero faults if the horse hits an obstacle while jumping over it is a fault wins.