obsession meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obsession meaning in tamil is கருத்து ஆவேசம், கொள்கைப் பிடிவாதம்

obsession meaning in tamil with example

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151 That Indian cricket finally breaks its obsession with the individual young boys in Zimbabwe find an avenue for their cricketing dreams and the riches earned from the Nike deal percolate down to lesser players Ranji teams and the public better stadium facilities. Genets first and more renowned play reflects his obsession with the illusory perverse and grotesque elements of human experience as well as his predilection for the world of the isolated and the despairing outcast. Embarrassing women and men in power was the alleged obsession of 65yearold retired bank messenger hailing from Nellore district. Sreekumar at the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi art gallery has images of contrasting nature 151 issues such as communalism and mans obsession with wealth as well as pleasant and pleasurable things. The obsession with engineering medicine and computer science will only lead to the production of technicians and not scientists he said. Kishore Saint Udaipur Rajasthan The medias obsession with the antics of the urban elite is deplorable. The muchtalked about film Shubham begins on a promising note but only to disappoint falling prey to its own obsession with experiments that challenge and tell on the sensibilities and patience of the moviegoer. Michael Atherton has blamed Englands obsession with Test cricket for the teams continuing poor show in onedayers. Williams attributed the success of the novel which has sold more than 40 million copies around the world and is the subject of a forthcoming Hollywood film to a public obsession with conspiracy theories.