observer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
observer meaning in tamil is அவதானிப்பவர், பார்வையாளர்

observer meaning in tamil with example

observer tamil meaning and more example for observer will be given in tamil.
Who was the special observer of the Election Commission of India for the 2005 Bihar Assembly elections. Playing the underdog As a neutral observer of both India and Pakistan teams it is difficult to pick a favourite. He said All India Congress Committee observer for Tamil Nadu Veerappa Moily would visit Chennai on January 25 to interact with MPs MLAs and DCC presidents. But not even the keenest political observer could have predicted the political earthquake that hit France last November when bands of enraged suburban immigrant youth mainly North African Arab and black went on a threeweeklong rampage to shake the French Republic to its very foundations. A metaphorical language is used to represent the complexity of the situation and the structural complexity of her works makes her a strategic observer and narrator of the realities lived by her. Indian footballers are technically brilliant but the lack of physical strength to suit the modern power game is hampering the growth of the game as a whole said former India footballer John Victor who was at Mylavaram recently as an observer of the Andhra Pradesh rural sports meet. Pottekkats characters here are handicapped in one way or the other and reveal the keen observer in the writer. A group of 185 officers and troops will work with contingents from Canada Japan Slovakia Austria and Poland as part of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force UNDOF. Even a casual observer of politics knows nothing moves in the Congress without the high commands nod.