obscurity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obscurity meaning in tamil is தெளிவின்மை, ஒளித்து வை

obscurity meaning in tamil with example

obscurity tamil meaning and more example for obscurity will be given in tamil.
The lilting strains from the shehnai of Maruti Bajantri echoes the perseverance with which the maestro rose from obscurity to prominence. Putin was plucked from obscurity by President Boris Yeltsin to succeed him he looked desperately for a power base from which he could wage the battle to reassemble the country that was falling to pieces. He should be allowed to develop his skills in relative obscurity before his talent is unleashed on the world. Shaw left the British Museum a legacy for the promotion of spelling reform a legacy which the museum stole after a case of Jarndyce obscurity in the court of chancery in 1957. The 34yearold Yang YongEun emerged from obscurity to win the 5 million HSBC Champions golf tournament. The pieces have been gathered from the obscurity of musty underfunded genteelly crumbling museums across India 151 Nalanda Amarvati Deogarh Sarnath 151 and given the kind of limelight they deserve but in Beijing not New Delhi. The volume edited by Kaushik Basu Professor of Economics Cornell University provides an accessible account of the Indian economy spanning its evolution from relative obscurity to an emergent global force from the Hindu rate of growth to its recent surge. Just 34 he had risen from obscurity to be appointed Minister for Foreign Trade in Congos first democratic government last month. At oneroom tenement in Station Pada in Sambalpur town the legendary singer had been fighting with obscurity and there was no taker for his songs after Rangabati.