oblivion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
oblivion meaning in tamil is மறதி, மறக்கப்படுதல், மறந்துபோன நிலை

oblivion meaning in tamil with example

oblivion tamil meaning and more example for oblivion will be given in tamil.
The silver jubilee celebrations at Mumbai were meant to be a grand commemoration of the partys journey from threatened oblivion to super stardom. In this district the year that just went into oblivion mostly revolved around the incidents pertaining to Penukonda. And he wants to use the same approach to revive his own party before it disappears into oblivion altogether. The whole concept of Readers Editor will be rendered irrelevant and fade into oblivion in course of time. A slice of Mysore that is fast fading into oblivion has been recognised by World Press Photo a nonprofit organisation conducting photography contests exhibitions and seminars on an international scale. They either fulfil their promise of carving out a separate Telangana State or people would send it into political oblivion in the next elections he warned. In the two decades of Congress oblivion in Uttar Pradesh tectonic shifts have unrecognisably transformed the States political landscape. Nottam had introduced a new tune to the song which had almost remained in oblivion after having been used in a drama of Cherukad some four decades ago. It was the media that labelled him as the only hope for the BJP that would fade into oblivion in the absence of the Mahajans. Referring to the setting up of foundations in honour of eminent persons the Governor said in many instances after a few years of their founding most of the foundations would go into oblivion and their basic objectives were forgotten. But ever wondered why these campaigns do not seem to make much of an impact in fact fade into oblivion sometimes.