obliterate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obliterate meaning in tamil is அழித்துவிடு

obliterate meaning in tamil with example

obliterate tamil meaning and more example for obliterate will be given in tamil.
They said it was a blatant attempt to obliterate the good work of PMK founder S.Ramadoss and Union Minister of State for Railways R.Velu and staged a walkout. Tarigami appealed to the Muslim and Buddhist communities to maintain harmony and denounce attempts to obliterate the centuriesold tradition of brotherhood and coexistence. Vadivelu Madras Christian College set a new meet record in pole vault scaling 4.61 metres to obliterate the record of 4.60 set by Praveen Kumar of Haryana at Bangalore in 2001. Prompted impeccably in the midfield by Jerome Delmee and led commendably in the frontline by Teun di Nooijer and Roderick Weusthof the Dutch toyed with the Olympic champion as though to obliterate the memory of the sequence of defeats since 2004. Swami Anand said vermicompost was the most dangerous and it was an attempt by a few to obliterate native farming. Ritu Jain the Vidyashilp Academy lass then ran the 200m in a time of 35.4 seconds to obliterate K.S. Ramyas 2002 mark of 25.7 seconds. The object behind Article 31B is to remove difficulties and not obliterate Part III in its entirety or judicial review. In recent months he has tried to obliterate the memories of the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 and repackage himself as an apolitical doer a moderniser. Khade who is 6 feet 2 inch tall annihilated a quality field in the 200m race to clock a new Games mark of 154.18 to obliterate the previous record of 158.68 which was set in 1997 by Abhijith J.