oblige meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
oblige meaning in tamil is இணங்குதல், கடப்பாடு

oblige meaning in tamil with example

oblige tamil meaning and more example for oblige will be given in tamil.
She asked the MEOs not to oblige any requests made by the District Education Office over telephone to admit teachers coming with transfer orders. Dorai attempted to convince the agitators they refused to oblige and demanded that the Tahsildar should come to the spot immediately. It is amazing that in order to oblige a private company the Delhi Government issued arbitrary orders on the issue of replacing Registration Certificates with smart optical cards at rates that were much higher than those prevailing or being charged in other States. Mr. Gandhis own noblesse oblige enjoins her to want to take everyone along but it distracts from group solidarity and collective motivation. The report has also charged the Core Committee of the State Government with going out of the way to oblige private companies and demanded a CBI probe into their conduct including making chances in the various documents for monetary considerations. Political patronage Municipality officials say they are helpless because every time there is a drive the evicted approach the political powers that be and the latter too willingly oblige for securing their vote base. Highly placed sources informed that for a long time there had been reports about how the Government and some officials had gone out of their way to oblige a private company in the award of the tender for issuing of smart cards for registration of vehicles. The logic is that if Labour can win three consecutive elections on a broadly centrist agenda then this clearly is what voters favour and so we will oblige them by giving them precisely that.