obligation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obligation meaning in tamil is கடமை, கட்டாயம்

obligation meaning in tamil with example

obligation tamil meaning and more example for obligation will be given in tamil.
They pointed out that the private operators had refused to provide their services in the rural sector despite their 10 per cent obligation stipulated in the National Telecom Policy of 1999 for reasons of lack of profit. Rao was clearly told that they were under no obligation to invite local MLA or MP as special invitees as it would lead to serious protocol problems for them also. Lakshmanaswamy said that while the obligation for production of hank yard was reduced from 50 per cent to 40 in 2000 the actual production came down from 500 million kg in 200001 to 380 mkg by 200505. Jayanth The Centre must fulfil its obligation of bringing in a law on professional courses. A wise man who delights only in the Self Atman has no duty to perform he also does not have to do anything for he has no end to attain and hence there is neither obligation nor dependence on others. In its special leave petition the Centre submitted that it had no obligation or duty on the issue of controlling monkeys stray dogs and cattle menace as it was a civic function of the local bodies under the local Municipal Act. It said the High Court had passed the order notwithstanding the fact that the action plan submitted by the Expert Committee did not lay down any obligation on the part of the Centre for release of the said amount. Knowingly you have made no reference to the fact that you are under obligation to evaluate the location and the risks of asbestos on board and carry out a full technical diagnosis before undertaking any work.