objective meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
objective meaning in tamil is உகத்திட்டாக

objective meaning in tamil with example

objective tamil meaning and more example for objective will be given in tamil.
The Collector Rajesh Lakhoni said the main objective of the Annadhanam scheme was to feed pilgrims visiting the temples and mosques from distant places. Mr.Viswanathan said the main objective of the scheme was to increase forest cover protect environment and flora and fauna of the forests. The main objective of the DRIP is creation of sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas through enhanced credit flow to nonfarm sector with complementary financial and nonfinancial promotional support. Philip with the objective of honouring those who carry out exemplary acts in their daily life beyond the call of duty. Those with objective thinking and a concern for the safety of the country should come together and fight against corrupt elements. The objective is to find out the nature and extent of potential of Mesozoic and older rocks which has the relevance in hydrocarbon exploration that is being pursued by Reliance in the KeralaKonkan basin reads the letter written by RIL to the department asking it to undertake this project. The magnanimous objective of sharing water should be assessed in times of distress. Uncertainty has plagued all irrigation years since 20012002 putting farmers under severe stress. The objective could not be achieved now because for the past five years the Commission had not taken any action. Media centre The objective is to set up a media centre of the department to organise press conferences seminars workshops and discussions. It is a value education programme with an objective to instil moral values and inculcate a sense of harmony according to the organisers.