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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obey meaning in tamil is கீழ்ப்படிந்து, அனுசரித்து நட

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obey tamil meaning and more example for obey will be given in tamil.
Association functionaries Antony Vackachan and N.R. Shaji told The HolyIndia that the owners had strictly instructed their drivers to obey all traffic rules and to keep speed in check. The firm sought courts help during 2003 and a judgment in favour of the firm was delivered in 2005 asking the municipality to obey the orders by December 2005. But whether the political parties will accept the decision and obey the court orders is yet to be seen. I asked the parents Bhavanis question and they said when children come and tell us this we love them so much that we have to obey them. Carrying placards containing messages such as wear helmet avoid footboard travelling obey traffic rules etc. the rally went through Head Post Office HPO before culminating at the Central Bus Stand. But the fact that she did not obey the orders of the culprit was also a form of resistance even if it was passive explained the psychologist. Outsiders are advised not to visit the place and if they did would have to obey quarantine restrictions. On the other hand where Chinese parents do obey the law there is the tendency for them to pamper their only child and in that process make the child hardly fit for a work ethic required in a highly competitive economy. The ADM said that if parties failed to obey the directive the Government would do the cleaning at the Governments expense and recover the amount from the respective candidate. While the couple who have three children refused to obey the order as there was no discord between them the community leaders are adamant that they must separate or face a social boycott. Aftab Ansari and Sohela have been married for the past 11 years.