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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
obeisance meaning in tamil is மரியாதை, அஞ்சலி, வரவேற்புக் கரகோசம்

obeisance meaning in tamil with example

obeisance tamil meaning and more example for obeisance will be given in tamil.
Indra had become conceited that all in the world had to pay obeisance to him for securing material well being. Towards the end of the sacrifice when the time came for paying obeisance to the most preeminent person in the assemblage of saints and savants the Pandava brothers decided on the advice of Bhisma that Lord Krishna was the most eligible to receive the honour. Dhattis offered Minister for Information and Public Relations Mohd Ali Shabbir offered obeisance at Mandi Miralam. On February 12 each year a small dedicated group of people most of them clad in khadi arrive at Paschima Vahini near here to pay obeisance to Mahatma Gandhi. The Jathedar said that a Nagar Kirtan would proceed from Amritsar and reach Lahore on June 12 to pay obeisance at the shrine where the Guru was martyred. According to G.Rangaswamy Moopanar chairman Natyanjali Trust the Natyanjali was shaped on the lines of Chidambaram Natyanjali and aimed at paying obeisance to Adhi Kumbeswaraswamy during Maha Sivarathiri. Rangaswamy Moopanar president of the Natyanjali Trust.On the inaugural day actress Sornamalya Anitha Rathnam a Kathak group from New Delhi and Udumalaipettai Senthil paid their obeisance to the Lord. With the big Nandhi and the skyward vimana providing the backdrop dancers paid their obeisance to Lord Brahadeeswara. The event signifies obeisance to the Lord of Dance Nataraja offered in the form of classical dances. A devotee offering obeisance to an artiste who dons the role of Narasimha Swamy in Yadagirigutta where the celestial wedding of Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy was witnessed by pilgrims late on Wednesday night.