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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nowadays meaning in tamil is இப்பொழுதெல்லாம், இக்காலத்தில்

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If life in groups of clever primates was the main driving force behind human intelligence as many scientists nowadays consider it is harder still to see why intelligence should vary with the landscape. It seems that nowadays people have ignored the core value of their mother tongue.No doubt English is an international language and one should study it and lay a foundation for their career. Its indeed disheartening to see some young playback singers nowadays aim at achieving instant success without learning the nuances of music and rely heavily on technological innovations such as punching system that enables the mistakes to be corrected at will regretted the noted playback singer. The difficulty in questioning it is that this image is nowadays so familiar that we find ourselves saying it must be accurate because it looks so much like itself. Commissioner of Income Tax Narasimhappa said the Ayurvedic system was good but the ingredients were not available in their pure form nowadays resulting in the drugs not being effective. A full twomonth vacation will give ample rest to young minds nowadays under severe stress with loads of schoolwork and virtually no play. This involved the accused having to swallow something which they do either cleanly or by choking on their sins. Nowadays the something is usually words and the swallowing takes place before that modern Inquisition a television interviewer. In fact they are reviving the classical form of Theru koothu or Street plays with a difference in ancient days these had episodes from the Epics as the central theme but nowadays these are suitably modified to take up secular ideas.