nourishment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nourishment meaning in tamil is உணவு ஊட்டம்

nourishment meaning in tamil with example

nourishment tamil meaning and more example for nourishment will be given in tamil.
A dredger of the Dredging Corporation of India pumping sand through a 250metre pipe while carrying out the beach nourishment project of the Visakhapatnam Port Trust close in the vicinity of the Ramakrishna beach. While clearing the channel for the port to facilitate better movement of vessels with the sand being carried to the beach it doubles as a beach nourishment project. Over the last several years the beach has been undergoing erosion and nourishment now will result in restoration of sand level. The community has been forced to seek nourishment in rice and rasam said Krishnamoorthy a youth at Top Sengattupatti. The CJM recorded the statements of the children and sent them to another orphanage with necessary infrastructure to give the juveniles nourishment and medical attention. Also industry was being asked not to resort to child labour. The midday meal scheme he said had been introduced by many State Governments to prevent nourishment to poor children. Cola consumption is optional while milk products are the sole source of nourishment for millions of families across the country. Two Indias coexisted one of malnutrition and under nourishment and the other of overnourishment which led to problems such as obesity. Sudarssan said that the impact of the programme was very good and nearly 600 children were elevated from under nourishment to normal levels. Parents teachers and principals will be given Exam time Tips a booklet on how to support children practically and emotionally during exam time and ensure that they feel encouraged and get the right nourishment and atmosphere to study.