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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nought meaning in tamil is பூச்சியம், சின்னம், எதுவும் இன்மை, சூனியம்

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Its latest efforts to develop hockey and football grounds besides the tennis courts may come to nought if the land was taken over. But in the final analysis all the transformation was brought to nought by one speck of indecisiveness in the defence which enabled Rafi to riffle a low shot into the near post off a Abdul Hakeem headed cross following a long ball from the middle. In fact it was the HAL midfield that made a few moves which however was brought to nought by some hasty and at times hesitant shots. 3 The skipper left legbefore for nought in the first over and Suresh Raina not Irfan Pathan walked in. Earlier in the first half Morimotos efforts to score came to nought as he either belatedly reacted to the passes flowing in from the midfield or found strong resistance in the host goalkeeper Souvik Mandal who was harried all through the match as the Indian defence was found wanting. Jayawardene had won the toss and seen Michael Vandort go for nought to Jon Lewis making his Test debut. Among his victims was the England captain Andrew Flintoff caught in the leg trap for his second nought of the match. Ram Mahesh Lara out for nought Dhoni hit four fours and six in his 51ball 69 The crowd 151 as much as a couple of thousand at best estimate can be called a cricket crowd 151 was flat. I try to master examination techniques as otherwise my efforts to learn will come to nought from the point of view of securing academic qualifications of quality. Indeed he might give Englands No.7 batsman Geraint Jones lesson both sides of the stumps for Jones without a nought in 48 Test innings averages seven in his last seven innings and his time is running out.