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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
notebook meaning in tamil is குறிப்பேடு: கையடக்கக் கணினி

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The companys ICs are used in electronic applications such as cell phones desktop PCs notebook computers automobiles and digital cameras. We note down the case details in a separate notebook and inform the complainants if we find stolen goods. Two weeks ago Dell announced a new notebook for India 151 the Inspiron 9400 fuelled by Intels latest doublecore Duo chip and a 17inch screen backed by the highend Nvidia graphics card to better view DVDs and play highspeed games. Sahara opted for AMDs Turion 64bit processor and a 14inch display which allowed the company based in South Africa to price its NB5240N9 notebook at just under Rs. Models performing at the launch of Samsung Indias TFT LCD monitors and notebook PCs in Hyderabad on Tuesday. A survey released by technology monitor IDC India on Sunday found the most excitement in the notebook end of the market it logged a runaway growth of 148 per cent and by year end had notched sales of 474000 units. James Srinivasan Bishop and Chairman College General Body presides 10.30 a.m. Bharathidasan University Department of Computer Science mass distribution of Toshiba Notebook Computers to PG students with bank assistance C. According thrust to earnwhileyoulearn concept Bharathidasan University on Tuesday distributed Toshiba notebook computers each worth Rs. The Acer PD115 provides the user with multiple options of connecting it to a DVD player Notebook or a Desktop. nVidia also used the event to unveil the first ever extension of its graphics chip technology for the notebook PC 151 recognition that hardcore corporate users of the portable platform who lugged their laptops across the world to do business also liked to play games when no one was looking.