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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
note meaning in tamil is குறிப்பு

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The year also ended on a confident note with Chief minister Pratapsing Rane announcing plans to join hands with Karnataka to attract investors. The year began on an agonising note following the devastation caused by the tsunami in Pondicherry and Karaikal districts. In many cases families celebrating the wedding organised grains and other provisions on their own but to avoid audit by officials foot note was printed on the invitation card requesting for the ration. The BIS said in an official press note here on Saturday that the order would encourage the practice of Hallmarking and that would ensure the longterm interests of the consumers lenders and the industry. The note added that Hallmarking ensured the quality of gold used in jewellery in respect of caratage fineness and purity. In a farreaching interview with The HolyIndia he said The first detailed note I received from SDIC on the state of the Clemenceau indicated there was at least 200 tonnes of asbestos on board. It began on a violent note as the then sitting legislator of TDP from Penukonda Paritala Ravindra was murdered on the premises of the district TDP office here on January 24. A fear is also being expressed that the vacuum created by the closure of the mines would encourage increased naxalite activities in the region where the extremists have already dug in.The New Year has begun on a cruel note for the Kudremukh employees and the company. But it is significant to note that whenever there is a threat to national unity and integrity the people of all cultural hues come together forgetting their differences he said.