northeast meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
northeast meaning in tamil is வடகிழக்கு

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Unlike other districts in the State the district has a unique advantage of the rainfall during the southwest and northeast monsoon. The northeast monsoon of 2005 turned out to be a memorable one with the State recording one of the heaviest rainfall in the last century. Northeast monsoon The main factor for the comfortable water storage was of course the bountiful northeast monsoon. Addressing the media Jake Stratton Chief Representative of Control Risks India said there were two regions in India 151 Kashmir and Assam and some parts of northeast 151 which were highrisk pockets. But as long as it faced the challenges of lowintensity conflicts the proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir and insurgency in the northeast and also had to man a large number of posts along the border the present level of 11 lakh personnel should be retained. The Parveta Utsavam concluded in the evening with the observance of the Pranaya Kalaha utsavam at the northeast corner of the HIll temple. The crafts village represented the grace of the people of the northeast and captured its potential which if properly harnessed would improve economic conditions. Initially with storage in the Mettur dam good and the early spell of northeast monsoon adequate they planned to procure 15 lakh tonnes. Normally Kasaragod gets three times more rain than Thiruvananthapuram during the main monsoon and it is the reverse in the northeast monsoon he says. This had led some weathermen to predict increased cyclonic activity during the northeast monsoon in OctoberDecember.