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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
norm meaning in tamil is தரம், மாதிரி

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It may sound incredible but it was an acceptable social norm that guests attending a wedding function were to supply ration for the food they consumed to the host during wartime in preIndependence days. He remains the youngest to hold an IM norm in the country since November 2003 when he gained the distinction in the Offene International Bayerishche Meisterschaft at Bad Wiessee in Germany. I was very surprised since the norm is 14 or one in every four should get through the final interview. As against the national norm of 60 and State average of 97 the district had achieved a credit deposit ratio of 137. In the lending to priority sector the district achieved 41 per cent as against the national norm of 40 per cent and State average of 37.57 per cent. Advances to the agricultural sector however was only 8 per cent as against the national norm of 18 per cent and State average of 12.22 per cent. Similarly the advances to weaker sections stood at 5 per cent as against the national norm of 10 per cent and State average of 6.59 per cent. Chandapilla Panikkar and secretary P.N. Dileep said the norm is that internal marks should be based on attendance tests assignments or projects. Negi also became the first preteen maker of the coveted norm from India that too with a round to spare. The panel has recommended concessions for all types of loans availed of by farmers as the present norm of providing relief to only farm loans was found to be insufficient. Announcing the details at a press conference here on Sunday Minister for Education E.T. Mohammed Basheer said changes made to the festival manual were expected to reduce unhealthy competition among students and parents the norm till last year when the event was known as school youth festival.