none meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
none meaning in tamil is யாருமில்லை, ஒருவருமில்லை, சிறிதுமில்லை, இருந்தபோதிலும்

none meaning in tamil with example

none tamil meaning and more example for none will be given in tamil.
While on the subject cricketers who constantly badger umpires about why an appeal was turned down should be told its none of their business. He said none was against the use of modern technology in the bank to improve efficiency and quality of service. None of the 11 MPs was denied an opportunity to present their cases in these Committees and none of them appeared in either House to oppose their expulsion. Though none of the schools admit to the use of punishment to discipline students teachers often resort to punishing children in different ways. Pillai said that none who had recently announced their resignations from party posts were its officebearers except for Thiruvananthapuram district vicepresident Sreeranjina. But none is as colourful as the Cochin Carnival said Peter a freelance photographer who came to witness the annual event with his wife Erica. The BJP cannot technically bargain for the VicePresident post as none of its members belongs to the BCMB group. It said that under the policy States and Union Territories should have put in place separate policies but so far none had come out with a policy. Though none has been arrested in connection with the incident so far combining operations were continuing in the area in search of the assailants some of whom might have escaped to Jharkhand a senior official said. The TDB is not collecting any donations from the public for the event and none can collect money from the public in the name of the festival. Considering that none of the conditions laid down by the SCMC has been met Greenpeace calls on the Ministry of Environment and Forests to revoke its clearance for the Clemenceau and prohibit its arrival.