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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nomenclature meaning in tamil is பெயர்களுக்கு இடப்படும் பெயர்

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Was it not the Congress regime which incorporated word Doctor in the nomenclature of NTR University of Health Sciences. Thangamuthu urged the Sangams officebearers to revive its five committees especially the one for Tamil nomenclature committee to facilitate scientific study and promote technological development from Tamil Nadu. The Government is contemplating a switchover to the old nomenclature to concede a demand made by the AP Revenue Services Association said Revenue Minister D. A harmonised system of nomenclature HSN has been adopted for many items but more than a dozen items have not been allotted HSN codes. Similarly the former Chief Minister Kadidal Manjappa gave up the Gowda nomenclature without expecting any divine munificence or in the hope that the stars would be pleased and bestow good fortune on him. The State Assembly on Monday adopted a bill seeking to change the nomenclature of Indian liquor to Indianmade foreign liquor IMFL and ensure proper collection of revenue. A move by Tulunada Mansa Samaja Seva Sangha to organise a community worship of Satya Saramani and Tulunada Mansa Janajagruthi Samavesha at Moodbidri on Sunday has evoked diverse reactions to the nomenclature used to describe a particular caste. Welcoming the decision of the State Government to change the nomenclature of Bangalore as Bengaluru he said the State Government should not limit this exercise only to important cities. The Chief Justice said he would be only too happy if a nomenclature other than My Lord was used to address judges.