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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nomadic meaning in tamil is நாடோடிகள்

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For those present at the grievances day the sight of nomadic tribes on the compound evoked curiousness. I try to work to improve the lot of the poor 151 whether tribal or nontribal and am perhaps instrumental in launching an allIndia movement against the criminalisation of the socalled denotified nomadic and nonnomadic tribes. Khalandars are a nomadic tribe wandering from one place to another entertaining people with dance and other bear acts. However those that fly away are hunted by poachers and members of nomadic tribal communities looking for food. Kumar said precautionary measures have been taken to prevent hunting of birds by HakkiPikki tribes and other nomadic groups. The land belonging to the corporation around 30 guntas at Siddeshwarnagar was earmarked for a park where people belonging to nomadic tribes had initially built huts about 30 years ago. A twoday seminar on nomads which began here on Monday called for a study of the dimensions of nomadic life their skills and problems so as to improve their lot. Ravi incharge director of Academic Staff College of Andhra University said some nomadic groups had given up their earlier way of life and stopped moving. He said the nomadic groups were not getting any benefits from the Government and were harassed by the police. Officials said these areas assume importance in the context of past records and surveillance would be stepped up there while special teams would target all nomadic groups. A twoandahalfmonthold child belonging to a nomadic group was trampled to death by miscreants at Cherupuzha under the Peringome police station limits here late Monday night.