node meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
node meaning in tamil is முடிச்சு

node meaning in tamil with example

node tamil meaning and more example for node will be given in tamil.
The service enhancement is a result of the installation of a new DNS node in a facility colocated with the .IN TLD name server. With an uptime of 99 per cent on endonend basis extending from PC node to the National Data Centre the network will ensure secured encrypted data flow. The sentinel node is the first lymph node to which cancer is likely to spread from the primary tumour. Somashekar consultant surgical oncologist at Manipal Hospital said that by performing the sentinel lymph node biopsy he and his team 151 comprising a nuclear medicine specialist and plastic surgeon 151 were able to prevent the removal of all lymph nodes in 70 per cent of cases. An Army Placement Satellite Node is expected to become operational in Bangalore soon to help exservicemen get jobs. Addressing an exservicemens rally here on Monday Brig P.P.S. Bal Commandant ASC Centre South said the node would consist of an Internet database of potential employers and employees. The MSSRF has a node of the EDUSAT which stands for Education Science and Technology which aims to spread scientific temper among people communicate the joy of science and technology and also propagate science among the rural millions. Venkateswaran who was here to interact with the end users and get their feedback after the node was used last month for a nationwide quiz programme for school children. The University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore will host the nonspatial node for the network and Indian Institute of Remote Sensing Dehradun its spatial node.