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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nitrogen meaning in tamil is நீர்வாயு

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Besides fertilizers like nitrogen 4966 metric tonnes phosphorous 2499 metric tonnes and potash 3207 metric tonnes were distributed in the same period as agriculture inputs. The lignite contains 6570 per cent of carbon 2025 per cent of oxygen about 5 per cent of hydrogen and small amounts of nitrogen and sulphur and its average calorific value is 2400 K.Calkg. Pig production accounts for an estimated 42 per cent of nitrogen and 90 per cent of phosphorus flows into the sea. A high volume sampler HVS for monitoring the ambient air quality parameters 151 suspended particulate matter sulphur dioxide nitrogen oxides 151 was inaugurated by District Forest Officer Vijayakar at the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park on Friday. According to Central Pollution Control Board data there has been a steady increase in the levels of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide nitrogen dioxide as well as Suspended Particulate Matter that will affect the air quality. Use of end product The end product of the biogas i.e. dung slurry which does not emanate any foul smell also gives the required fertilizer in the form of nitrogen and phosphorous for farmers to use in their fields. Apart from dioxins carbon monoxide sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide are released by the burning tyres which can have a debilitating effect on people. Founded in 1995 the joint venture is in the business of supplying plants that produce nitrogen and other gases. VeeconIPA is claimed to be a pioneer in introducing pressure swing adsorption PSA systembased generation of nitrogen in India.