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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nickname meaning in tamil is நிந்தைப் பெயர், மாறு பெயர்

nickname meaning in tamil with example

nickname tamil meaning and more example for nickname will be given in tamil.
The nickname not only adds colour to the story but also helps the reader identify the accused easily later. Many burglars go by the nickname udumbu which indicates their ability to scale walls like the salamander. When our talk turned to Jones he fell silent a remarkable feat for a man who never stopped chattering when he was a player who loved the social scene and whose nickname was Chat. It introduces Pandikkadavath expansion for P.K. Kunhappa a nickname not known to many outside Malappuram as a saviour of Kerala Muslims. The Brown Bomber the nickname etched on his tombstone was remembered as a black sports hero who transcended the divisions of race in the segregated 1930s and 1940s. He was given the nickname PM II and he himself viewed his job as a chance to get a birds eyeview of how a Prime Minister functions. I promise there has never been anyone like KP 151 his nickname of choice 151 as he struts his stuff on a stage 22 yards long and nine inches deep. Whether its referring to himself in the third person or his email nickname newbigdog the 22yearold distances himself from the ordinary. Beautiful desperation The Elephants a clumsy nickname for a team that occasionally glides and Angolas Antelopes and Ghanas Black Stars played with a desperation that was beautiful. The track is the oldest dedicated racing circuit in the world having been built in 1909 from 3.2 million bricks hence the nickname the Brickyard. While the prosecution contended that they got to know the nickname of the undertrial only after his arrest the recovery mahazar prepared after a search operation a day before the arrest had mentioned it.