neither meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
neither meaning in tamil is அதுவுமல்ல, இதுவுமல்ல

neither meaning in tamil with example

neither tamil meaning and more example for neither will be given in tamil.
Girinath said neither he nor the State Election Commission have powers to review the results announced by the Returning Officer. The agreements showed that the Union Government could neither protect the interests of the nation nor to remain with the developing countries.He said the developing countries had lost a golden opportunity by focussing on the farm subsidies. The regular fleet does neither fit into the scheme in terms of manoeuvrability in the colonies nor makes sense in terms of revenue generation since the number of users could be limited. Among other things such a stance will play into the hands of the Tamil which wants neither a unitary nor a federal state of Sri Lanka but is hellbent on achieving Tamil Eelam. Surprisingly the joint statement is foggy about why the ceasefire is threatened. The company has also not obtained permission of the Irrigation Department to take up the project neither here nor in Mysore. Kamala Vardhana Rao SAAP ViceChairman and Managing Director was told clearly that there was no question of following any protocol for they were neither used to it nor aware of such a norm. We could neither sell our catches in the villages close to our hamlets nor in nearby markets as we did not have any vehicle to take the catch to these places. The entire issue was related to the civic body and not a single MCD leader was in the committee neither the Mayor nor the Standing Committee head. Three million people a year die from the disease most sufferers contract it two or three times a year and whenever they do are so struck down that they can neither work nor tend to their families for several weeks at a time.