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In the chaotic atmosphere that surrounds us today music alone will help us navigate through the troubled waters to reach the shore of peace and tranquility said B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar Chairman of the Bhavan. In Googles defence Elliot Schrage its vicepresident of global communications said the firm had tried to navigate between the censors in Beijing and its desire to make its search engine accessible to the 110 million internet users in China. In recent weeks the company has launched a product in the healthcare segment a tool to help lay Americans navigate the chakravyuha that is medical expenses management. But Google has a few extras to offer multiple calendars XML feeds of your calendar so you can access it from any XMLRSS feed reader and convenient keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the service. 3 was very tricky Theres some hidden corners on the top where the driver has just to hear and navigate through. With the culvert also lacking a parapet wall on its either side the road users are finding it difficult to navigate through the narrow road. Unlike the KonTiki the Tangaroa will be able to navigate against the wind and could land on the island of Raroia two weeks earlier than Heyerdahl 151 whose raft foundered on a reef off the island leaving him and his crew stranded for a week before their return to civilisation. Four participants mostly amateurs overshot the given time limit and on set of dusk forced the main rally teams to complete the course under streetlights using headlights to navigate the tarmac in the absence of floodlights.