naught meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
naught meaning in tamil is ஒன்றுமில்லை

naught meaning in tamil with example

naught tamil meaning and more example for naught will be given in tamil.
Krishnakumar Secunderabad The tremendous media efforts at unearthing the scam have come to naught with the defreezing of the bank accounts. Among other Indians in the fray GMnorm holder S. Kidambi was held to a draw by Petra Schuurman of Holland and Saptarshi Roy Chowdhurys passive play in the opening came to a naught against higherrated GM Sergey Volkov of Russia. While sex workers might have been empowered to insist on protection the proposed amendment to the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act by the Women and Child Development WCD Ministry that seeks to criminalise the client will turn this effort to naught they believe. The newly promoted AI currently in the eighth place just ahead of Salgaocar SC needed a victory to get out of the relegation zone but all its efforts came to naught thanks to the gritty display by the Bagan defence. His previous attempts to play on the Asian Tour had come to naught and fuelled by the failure he was in an aggressive mode and streaked into the lead at the end of day. Legislation promoting social development may come to naught if laws are not implemented without fear or favour. But the entire effort will come to naught if the country is forced to negotiate a rigid safeguards agreement and additional protocol with intrusive complementary access as the U.S. would like. But to its dismay it found that all its efforts came to naught as mosquitoes continued to breed on stagnating water in vacant lands. Claiming this was the largest dump unearthed in the entire Rayalaseema region the SP said the existence of Maoists was already reduced to naught with the recent encounter in Kadapa district.