nation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nation meaning in tamil is நாடு, தேசத்தார்

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Ravi accused the UPA Government at the Centre of failing to provide security to the nation against terrorist attacks. The activists from the National AntiWar Front took out a candlelight vigil as a restive nation braced itself for uncertainty on the security front. President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and VicePresident Bhairon Singh Shekhawat greeted the nation on New Year. Lakhera said that the previous year had seen the nation growing from strength to strength in its economic progress. Reddy said that he would be launching the first rubber dam in Asia Jhanjavathi Jaladhara and dedicate it to the nation on Sunday. The agreements showed that the Union Government could neither protect the interests of the nation nor to remain with the developing countries.He said the developing countries had lost a golden opportunity by focussing on the farm subsidies. Solving each of these problems will take time but is imperative if the Indian nation is to take big strides forward. We call it a day after resolving to continue serving the nation with the utmost sincerity honesty and dedication. The New Year Day would go down in history as a red letter day as the Jhanjavathi project first among the 46 irrigation projects taken by the Congress Government was dedicated to the nation by Chief Minister Y. S. He said religious fundamentalists and politicians were disturbing the peace of the nation as they were promoting their own personal agenda and were selfcentred pursuing their own vested interest. Loyola Institute of Business Administration LIBA held a colloquium on India as a developed nation by 2020 on Saturday. A.M. Chinnappa Archbishop of Madras Mylapore inaugurated the event.