nasty meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nasty meaning in tamil is அசிங்கம், வஞ்சகமான, அருவருப்பான

nasty meaning in tamil with example

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Only one topic of discussion interests the fat cats in the snow as Bono calls them 151 that is how on earth they missed the glaring signs a year earlier that something big and nasty was about to happen. Mahabub Ali Hyderabad As stated in the editorial Needless and nasty controversy Feb. A nasty challenge inside the box by defender Abdul Rauf on a speeding Mithun Naha resulted in referee Mohd. The fastest chip may not be the best especially if it guzzles too much power and makes that laptop so hot that it leaves a nasty burn on your lap. Plunkett was also accounted for by Munaf who by now had worked up a good head of steam and mixed in a couple of nasty bouncers. Then Hoggard drew blood 151 a snorter to handcuff Sehwag another not nearly as nasty but enough to caress glove as it passed Jaffer looking to leave as he got inside the line 151 before Dravid and Yuvraj staunched the haemorrhage. Groupism in the State unit of Congress took a bloody and nasty turn on Saturday when two groups indulged in violence at the party headquarters at Satyamurthi Bhavan here resulting in bleeding injuries to 10 workers. India stands to lose much more than any of these distant warriors should the targeting of Iran turn nasty and violent. Surinder Kaur further improved the lead with a 28th minute goal before Railways defender Kanti Baa received a nasty cut under her eye. Nasty history Rapid and Steaua have a nasty history with rival fans clashing in recent years but there was no major trouble reported from the stadium Thursday.