myself meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
myself meaning in tamil is நானே, எனக்கே, என்னையே

myself meaning in tamil with example

myself tamil meaning and more example for myself will be given in tamil.
But I was disappointed with myself that I was not able to communicate the situation in which I said what I did on Jinnah. He explained that he was merely quoting what Jinnah had said on August 11 1947 at a Pakistan Constituent Assembly meeting. Fortunately I found myself a postgraduate course in my area of interest and joined World Wildlife Fund WWF later. To be honest I did surprise myself to some extent Sania said on Sunday a day before the seasonopening Grand Slam tournament starts. I myself have met them a number of times to get their support... We have been saying if it is implemented voluntarily there is no need for any law. As I belong to a BPO and being familiar with its operations I couldnt prevent myself from asking her where she was speaking from. The emotions behind those sentiments were alive in me too I found myself looking at every whitehaired man or aged matron wondering what secrets they concealed. Weve rested myself and weve rested Ricky Ponting purely to keep fresh for the games coming up Gilchrist said. Michael Krepon That is a very objectionable term because these socalled ayatollahs myself included wish to improve U.S.India relations we wish to do so without demolishing the nonproliferation system. I was fortunate to involve myself in land reforms even during my training period as an Assistant Collector training at Birbhum in West Bengal soon after completion of the foundation course and phaseI training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration Musoouri he said.