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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
movies meaning in tamil is படம்கள்

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Rarely do directors dare to make movies based on classical art forms which often may not do well commercially. Viswanathan said that the move was to ensure that good students did not fail. Advice to students He advised students to stay away from cell phones and movies till they completed their course. Seven cinemas in the State have now taken the lead installing digital projection systems to show movies downloaded through satellite. So far movies such as Kalyug Ek Ajnabee Bluff Master Kyon Ki Aashiq Banaya Aapne and Ek Haseena have been released in the new format. She has acted in about 750 movies and has won several awards including the State Governments award for the Best Supporting Actress. Producers like Raju Mathew of Century took a break after realising that the industry was going behind movies different from what they were making in the golden times. Century had made popular movies such as Aalkootathil Thaniye Aakashadooth and Santhwanam besides distributing several other films. Even as the State Government has taken steps like scrapping the slab system and allowing producers to hike ticket prices of high budget movies for the first two weeks the film industry people are not happy due to the successive flops of new releases. Cinema theatres across the State screened 218 new releases including 110 straight Telugu movies and 108 dubbed versions of films from other languages. Prasad feels that the State Governments decision of allowing producers to hike the ticket price for big budget movies for the first two weeks would harm the industry.