motorway meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
motorway meaning in tamil is நெடுஞ்சாலை

motorway meaning in tamil with example

motorway tamil meaning and more example for motorway will be given in tamil.
In TrafficEast we used to have vehicles parked along the EdappallyVytilla motorway in front of the Ernakulam Medical Centre. The base would be Indias third in the Antarctic and the 60th on the icecap in what has been described as the continents cold rush. America has already constructed a 1000mile motorway between its coastal base and the South Pole. In the history of road transport there can rarely have been such a poetic excuse for a traffic jam Taiwan will close a busy motorway section this week to allow butterflies to flutter by. As well as temporarily closing a lane for the first time the local authorities have also erected a net along the motorway aimed at forcing the butterflies to fly higher above the traffic. For the construction of fourlane motorway from Salem to Ulundurpet Rs.940 crore had been sanctioned.