motive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
motive meaning in tamil is நோக்கம்

motive meaning in tamil with example

motive tamil meaning and more example for motive will be given in tamil.
Veezhinathan said as human nature was to imitate role models men of wisdom who had no motive for engaging in action continued to discharge their duties so that the mind of others who looked up to them does not get confused. In both instances the stated motive for the Oval Office meeting was national security and the Post and the Times were warned that publication could damage the national interest. Motive for the murder The motive for the murder was the alleged illicit relations the victim had with Shajis wife. Profit motive He said earlier eminent personalities with social commitment started educational institutions. Whatever be the motive of the perpetrators the incident had created panic in the minds of the people. They were identified based on the account of eyewitnesses and land dispute turned out to be motive behind the murder he said. Thakur said that a family feud between Bheemaneni Kondaiah and Jayachandra was the motive for the murder. We are also liasing with the Centre and its intelligence agencies. No naxal motive On the recovery of detonators from a bus the police say it could have been brought for use in the quarries. Dantu Surya Rao Kakinada A.P. The appointment of a Readers Editor is a welcome step as its governing motive is to evolve a mechanism of answerability from within. When result is not the motive for action Nishkama the mind of such a person will become elevated slowly and hence there is no necessity to do anything else 151 meritorious acts with the intention of acquiring spiritual merit Punya.