mortar meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mortar meaning in tamil is கற்களை வைத்துக் கட்டு வதற்கான சிமேந்துக் கலவை

mortar meaning in tamil with example

mortar tamil meaning and more example for mortar will be given in tamil.
Recently the Municipality has started building drainage walls with mortar in streets where no such facility existed. Large quantities of cardamom clove turmeric saffron sandal wood and spices heaped in the centre of the mantapa and tools used to powder them such as grinding stone pestle and mortar were decorated with flowers. Also seen for the first time will be the Network Operating Centre Vehicle Mobile Communication Node Carrier Mortar Tracked Bridge Layer Tank on ARJUN and the Amphibious Floating Bridge and Ferry System. The dam having a length of 1200 feet and a height of 176 feet was made of uncoursed rubble masonry in lime mortar on the front and rear faces. Her attempts to tie Him to a mortar with the aim of putting a full stop to His mischief were foiled by a twoinch deficit in the ropes she used and finally was managed because He allowed Himself to be bound thereby implying the need to absolve ones ego. On the eve of the third anniversary of the U.S.led invasion American troops clashed with gunmen north and west of Baghdad on Sunday and militants fired a mortar round into Karbala the holy city south of Baghdad where a million Shia pilgrims assembled for a major religious commemoration. As the new Parliament met Iraqi militants fired mortar rounds close to the venue in Baghdads high security Green Zone. Hospital officials said two civilians were killed when a mortar shell slammed into their house near the fighting. This is deep inside the wellguarded Green Zone but if mortar rounds start to fall as you walk or drive by these pygmy bunkers are where you and up to 10 persons can squeeze in and crouch until the coast is clear.