moreover meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
moreover meaning in tamil is அது சம்பந்தமாக

moreover meaning in tamil with example

moreover tamil meaning and more example for moreover will be given in tamil.
Mohan said that generally kites did not contract bird flu and moreover none of the kites in quarantine showed typical bird flu symptoms. Hyderabad has lot of talented teachers and moreover the pay packets and facilities offered by BITS are better than IITs he said. People feel confident when connections are given instantly ... moreover it umbrella marketing helps us clarify the doubts of the customers explained A. Majid said at present the teachers were in a predicament because there was no job guarantee and moreover they were put to hardships by indiscriminate transfers. The country was vulnerable due to population explosion and haphazard development and moreover its ad hoc and disorganised response had compounded the situation. And moreover the agitation of the lawyers was not against the judiciary but the State Government he said. At Tambaram vendors besides occupy half of the subway making it difficult for people to pass through the narrow passage moreover they leave spoilt vegetablesfruits and other stuff on the sideways. It is affecting our families children in particular and moreover people frequenting it are causing nuisance till midnight said a woman belonging to a selfhelp group. To do well here now Indian films will have to be able to compete with the best movies from around the world and moreover they need to be relevant to modern times. Hemi Bawa derives immense joy from working with glass as it is tough and moreover traps light beautifully. Asha Kumar accepted that the security scenario was a matter of concern but pointed out that no tourist was touched so far moreover terrorism was endemic these days.