moral meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
moral meaning in tamil is தார்மீக

moral meaning in tamil with example

moral tamil meaning and more example for moral will be given in tamil.
Chandy had no moral right to induct a new Minister into his Cabinet as there was hardly five months left for the Government to bow out. The training programme helps to hone their creative instincts and instill moral values and cultural ethics. Singh takes charge at a time of unprecedented turmoil in the parivar 151 the BJP factionriven directionless and ideologically and ethically compromised and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh hit by controversy and without the moral authority befitting its claimed status as spiritual mentor. But if the pursuit of wealth means loss to others monetary legal or moral status then the question arises whether the acquisition of wealth by such methods and with such results is right. In the same manner most of the legal as well as moral rights and wrongs are relative to time and place. It was high time the youth waged a moral battle against the prevailing situation in which even political decisions had been taken with the blessings of religious heads Mr. There are two types of arguments that militate against the Clemenceau coming to India to be broken up moral and technical. The foundation has been organising various welfare programmes for Dalits besides extending financial and moral support for education to the poor among the backward sections. It is a value education programme with an objective to instil moral values and inculcate a sense of harmony according to the organisers. Patnaik should immediately step down owning moral responsibility for the failure of the law and order machinery said Orissa Gana Parishad president Bijay Mohapatra.