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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
monument meaning in tamil is நினைவுக்கட்டிடம்

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Nagaraja Rao said that technology and expertise to conserve and restore a heritage monument or structure was very much available and expressed regret over the move to demolish the structure. The bhavan which was hurriedly opened on Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14 last year can only be construed as a monument to administrative neglect and apathy. The temple had been declared as a world heritage monument by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation he said. However conservationists believe that involving private consultants will ensure that monument will benefit from a whole range of experts that ASI does not have on its rolls as the field has become more specialised. The Ambawatta Complex had been one of the eyesores around the protected monument that they wanted removed. Nearly 4000 students from different schools took out a procession before gathering on the lawns of the Gagan Mahal a historical monument of the Adil Shahi dynasty. Monuments displayed The Delhi floats depicted the historic monument Kotla Feroze Shah and Kashmiri Gate alongside the Delhi Metro project. The Delhi floats depicted the historic monument of Feroze Shah Kotla and Kashmere Gate alongside the brand new Delhi Metro project. Residents of Ramprasad Galli near MulkeMaidan monument area resisted the attempt to demolish illegal buildings saying that the drive is biased. Cultural and entertainment events have been planned to highlight the aesthetic value of the monument known for its whispering gallery.