monkey meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
monkey meaning in tamil is குரங்கு

monkey meaning in tamil with example

monkey tamil meaning and more example for monkey will be given in tamil.
Manager of the Chirakkadavu branch near Ponkunnam of the Catholic Syrian Bank Unni Raja had just entered the office when five men covering their face with monkey caps and carrying vadivaal arrived in a Maruti 800 and rammed the vehicle on to the main entrance and jumped out. The Supreme Court on Friday confirmed the interim stay granted on January 12 of an interim order passed by the Himachal Pradesh High Court directing the Centre to sanction Rs 1.2 crores to the State Government to set up a monkey sterilisation centre. I finished clicking all the 16 frames in five minutes lest changes take place in the picture like a monkey moving from one side to the other or the birds flying away. The District Health Officer said that one monkey had died due to Kyasanur Forest Disease in Muthinakoppa. Health department officials of Sullia taluk are well prepared to tackle Kyasanoor Forest Disease or monkey fever. Sullia health officer Srirangappa told The HolyIndia that 32 cases of monkey fever were reported in the taluk since January 15. Blood samples Health officials have taken 95 blood samples from Balpa and Yennemajjalu areas in the taluk where they suspect the prevalence of monkey fever. The Department of Health has chalked out a plan to ensure that monkey fever does not become an epidemic. A monkey scurries up the prop root of a huge banyan tree on the IIT campus on Wednesday carrying a discarded room freshener can. All your monkey business in public places which hitherto amused your friends are certainly going to land you in deep trouble as the Tirunelveli City police have installed traps for you in the form of complaint boxes.