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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
monk meaning in tamil is துறவி

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monk tamil meaning and more example for monk will be given in tamil.
To show his versatility Lohrer went solo in 1998 with an acoustic tribute to Thelonious Monk titled Evidence and also did scintillating rock n roll with the band Superphenix. Staff Reporter Bestseller translated Hyderabad The Telugu translation of Robin Sharmas bestseller The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari has been brought out by the Jaico Publishing House. Geshe Tashi who has become the first Buddhist monk to have received Grammy nomination for solo performance said more and more people of the western societies were looking for traditional culture as they were tired of the busy modern life. The 38year old monk is the Principal of the Central Institute of Himalayn Culture Study located at Dahung in Bomdila. There were huge queues waiting to climb Vindhyagiri well into the night even after the Mahamastakabhisheka celebrations which commenced on January 22 ended around 3 p.m. The Jain monk Tarun Sagar addressed more than 6000 devotees after the Pushpa Abhisheka. Sri Tarun Sagar has been termed a progressive Jain monk for his vocal criticism of violence corruption superstitions and conservatism. Sri Tarun Sagar is the youngest Jain monk after Acharya Kundakundaru and Acharya Jinasena who spread the message of Jainism 2000 years ago. He used a corporation based in the British Virgin Islands to purchase 91000 shares in the Old Monk Company a pub chain for 80000 according to an analysis of his affairs by KPMG the accountancy firm for prosecutors in Milan. The high monk said he hoped Buddhists in all regions and all countries can show mercy work in the interest of others and jointly fulfil the social obligations and the peaceful mission of Buddhism.