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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mongoose meaning in tamil is கீரிப்பிள்ளை

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Wildlife authorities in the city seized three monitor lizards a jackal and a mongoose from two narikoravas they arrested at Meenambakkam on Friday. A Forest Department official said the hair of the common mongoose and wild pig are used for making painting and shaving brushes which fetch a big price in foreign markets. A rare species of wild mongoose which strayed into human habitat near here on Friday was rescued and released into the wild by Forest Department officials. Identified as wild mongoose by the forest officials the carnivorous mammal was safely caged fed and released into the wild again. Already an endangered species tipoffs on mongoose hair paintbrushes being available in the twin cities prompted a raid by State Forest officials along with representatives of the Wildlife Trust of India and the People for Animals Haryana. From just six shops in and around Jambagh and Osmangunj they got 15000 paintbrushes all made of mongoose hair. The Delhi police along with members of the nongovernment organisation People For Animals PFA seized a huge quantity of mongoose hair in raids conducted at five factories in Jehangirpuri here on Monday. Acting on a tipoff that a large number of mongoose hair paintbrushes were being manufactured in the area PFA members contacted the police who in turn planned and conducted the raids. With the city emerging as an important transit point due to its easy accessibility to elite clientele larger market and wellestablished travel routes everything can be found and traded in including mongoose hair exotic wild birds and skin teeth and bones of big cats.