moneylender meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
moneylender meaning in tamil is வட்டிக்குப் பணம் கொடுப்பவர், நிதியாளர்

moneylender meaning in tamil with example

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As he could not repay the money the moneylender and his supporters waylaid Jaganathan and his wife J. The police were investigating three gangs in connection with the murder mainly one headed by a moneylender at Attukal. A woman farmer Eeswaramma 45 committed suicide by consuming a pesticide at Alamur near here on Thursday allegedly due to the insult heaped on her family by a private moneylender about the familys debt to him. The children said that their father too ended his life in a similar fashion about a year ago after the moneylender humiliated him. 1 lakh as interest in 50 weeks she was informed by the moneylender that she was still due to the tune of Rs. A nontribal moneylender had cultivated for 40 years an 18acre plot belonging to Manku Bais father Thodasam Gangu. False cases Though this loan had been repaid the moneylender refused to part with the land and went to the extent of physically harming and foisting false cases against Gangus sons. So says Kishore Tiwari of the VJAS he took the latter amount from a moneylender at a charge of Rs.2500 151 for just one day. Since the moneylender was forcing him to pay back his money Jagdish was under considerable pressure police added. Police have arrested two persons in connection with the murder of Vishwanath Udupa a moneylender of Tuppadamane in Tirthahalli taluk. A dispute between a moneylender and borrowers led to the killing of the former at Muddegowdanahalli near here on Wednesday. The Police arrested Shajuddin alias Mobile Shaji 30 the main accused in the murder of Changanasserybased moneylender Thulasedharan Pillai.