monarchy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
monarchy meaning in tamil is முடியாட்சி

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For the first time the Maoists committed themselves to democracy and the political parties agreed to the Maoist demand for the rewriting of the Constitution which has the potential of ending the monarchy and even the constitutional regime Nepal has had since 1990. The supporters of democracy gathered in various places demanding an end to the autocratic monarchy in the Himalayan Kingdom and converged in a mass meeting in Bashantpur the city centre of the capital which is also a prohibitory area for mass gathering to foil the demonstration of seven parties. Kuwait is the only country with a fully elected parliament since 1962 and a Constitution that has tried to fit the countrys monarchy into a mix of presidential and parliamentary systems. In an exclusive facetoface interview withThe HolyIndia he discusses his partys road map for the end to monarchy and the creation of a democratic republic in Nepal. That is why armed struggle is also necessary and unity in action with other political parties against the monarchy is also a necessity. At that time any other party would be free to call for a ceremonial monarchy some may be for constitutional monarchy 151 such a thing is possible with the seven parties. Still the twopillar theory that Nepals stability rests equally on constitutional monarchy and multiparty democracy persists and the Indian authorities have not officially abandoned it. The people were apprehensive that the armed Maoists would rush into the vacuum left by the monarchy and establish their own dictatorship.