monarch meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
monarch meaning in tamil is அரசன், அரசி

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Were the monarch a wellintentioned ruler as he regularly claims to be he would have surely seen the ceasefire as an opportunity to start exploring a peaceful political route to the restoration of Nepals multiparty democracy. The prodemocracy political parties have rightly decided to boycott the elections which they describe as a ploy by the monarch to try and convince the world that he is genuine about restoring democracy. King Abdullah would be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade on January 26 marking the first visit by a Saudi monarch in 50 years. His desire to expand his powers after ascending the throne as a constitutional monarch culminated in the February 2005 coup in which he dismissed the Sher Bahadur Deuba Government and assumed executive powers. The autocratic monarch then made a show of taking steps to restore democracy including a decision to hold municipal elections. Only a multiparty parliamentary democracy can ensure peace and stability in Nepal not a dictatorial and reactionary monarch with street cunning. After Independence the nickel rupee of 11.66 gm showing the profile of the Ashoka lion instead of the British monarch continued to be minted till 1957. The U.S. role from the beginning has been negative and they are still trying to effect a compromise between the monarch and the political parties against the Maoists. India whose initial hopes that the monarch would act honourably have been dashed may also need to rethink its support for retaining the two pillar formula of a constitutional monarchy in a multiparty democracy as Prachanda has demanded.